Margo Ovcharenko

Lives and works in Moscow.
2008-Current – Rodchenko School of Photography

I was born on February 6th, 1989. My father being an artist and my mother a lawyer, my pass in life was obvious to me : I took drawing lessons since I was very young but I finally decided to get into law school. When I was fifteen years old, while learning visual arts, I started to go to a photography workshop. As I lived in Krasnodar, I was eager to learn, I would go to every open photography lessons as well as conferences on contemporary art and history of motion pictures.

At the age of 17, I realized that what I wanted to obtain in making portraits was to avoid the effect of pose. I wanted a dressed character to look like if he was naked ; to give the same perception of light and colours as paintings before the nineteenth century.
I like that distance between the model and the spectator becomes narrower. I like photography that does not metamorphose its subject to make it more attractive ; though I like better slighlty fuzzy time and spatial changes around my characters.
To me, the names of my favourite photographs go along with the painters I love.
I look for emotion in art. I prefer the simplicity in northern or western european photography in the 80’s and 90’s, but also paintings from these regions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I concentrate my work on light, colour, silence and on the look that accompagny the spectator into the work without imposing anything, without brutality. I love taking pictures of people between their childhood and their age of maturity. However, a rebellion spirit does not interest me.

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