Chris Hornbecker: 1 millimeter a day

"What do you do every day? This year I set myself a challenge: Take a brand new photo each day. Beginning with 14mm, each day I zoom the lens by 1 millimeter and force myself to use that focal length to shoot and post a photo before going to sleep that night. This will continue every day until I reach the end of the 1mm lens adjustments at 400mm."

22mm, January 9, 2008

89mm, March 16, 2008

1mm is an experiment in changing perspective. Looking at things in a restricted view, I find the light as it’s naturally falling, then use the exposure and craft to create visual intrigue out of objects we pass by every day.

228mm, August 2, 2008

Keep in mind that I have to make this happen before or after my regular photography jobs and responsibilities with my new 9 month old son.

The rules:

1. Shoot a new photo every day.

2. Each day increase the focal length one millimeter.

3. Post this new image before going to sleep.

4. No cheating.

I hope you enjoy these and keep coming back for more.


Chris Hornbecker

400mm, January 21, 2009

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