Greg White

White was named the Association of Photographers' Photographer of the Year in March, winning awards across most of the categories, and the top spot for his black-and-white series of projector parts. His distinctive, ultra-clean style is showcased in an extensive portfolio of impressive automotive campaigns. Although fairly new to the industry, he has shot campaigns for Nike, Sony Bravia, Asda and O2.

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Rebecca Miller

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Wayne Levin: Water people

"His unique black and white underwater images create a surreal view of the world, one that continues to fascinate and hold us captive to its endless beauty."
Alysia Earle, Camera Arts

"But in the more environmental work Levin freezes motion into patterns that are transposed into their own sense of visual rhythm…for example when a swirling of water above and corresponding patterns of light and shadow undulating below meet at an undetermined ‘horizon line’ near the middle. This is as articulate, elegant, and beautiful an abstract visual statement as can be made."
      Joseph Walentini, Abstract Art Online

"…these subtle black and white photographs illuminate an entire world: its space, its inhabitants its weight and its visitors…We encounter states of wonder, fear, and exhilaration…a profound sense of the sublime.
      Linda Connor, noted photographer"
and professor, San Francisco Art Institute

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kicking out

Mark under breaking wave

beneath turbulance

Surfer seen trough wave

Pattern of Swimmers, Ironman Triathalon

Fish & Swimmers, Ironman Triathalon

Behind the breaking wave

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Sparky Campanella: 40 over forty


It’s said that as we age everything diminishes except our waistline. Yet no matter how old we get, we remain sexual beings. I’m a forty-six year old divorced single male with no children. My upbringing was conservative in values and bereft of girls. I went to an all-boys grade school and middle school, had no childhood girlfriends and no sisters. I didn’t start dating until I was in college. My dearth of contact with the opposite sex during childhood has made me curious ever since.

Sex is part of who we are. And because we live in a society that uses sex to sell everything from perfume to paper clips, it creates a real tension when we feel we no longer “have it”. For many women that “it” is a function of how they look. We all lose youthful beauty as we age - men and women. But women have it tougher than men. Men don’t have to integrate the loss of their fertility into their sexual identify till much later in life. Men don’t have the physical changes of menopause. Men aren’t held to the same standards of sexual attractiveness as they age.


"I finally love myself the
way I am."

"I love how I look and I love
all that is around me."

"...I was already so wild and open sexually,
I didn’t think I could have more...
Turns out I was so, so wrong.
At forty I feel renewed in some ways,
like I’m past the really difficult stuff."


"My sexual fire is as strong as ever,
but now lies underneath the surface.
It is unnecessary to show it to everyone."

"I feel one with water
in a state of grace.
poised, buoyant, fully alive,


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Christina Maria Oswald

Born 1984
Pfarrkirchen (Germany)

Li Wei

Legendary chinese artist Li Wei from Beijing started off his performance series ‘Mirroring’ and later on took off attention with his ‘Falls’ series which shows the artist with his head and chest embedded into the ground. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality. Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and works with the help of props such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics.

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