Iain Crawford

Portfolio: www.iaincrawford.com/ 

Elena Kalis: Underwater

Elena Kalis is an artist that was born in Russia and is specialized in underwater photography. She has been living for the last ten years in the Bahamas. Her photographs are stunning and captivating, she is able to capture moments that could only be described as awe-inspiring.

Elena Kalis is a photographer that uses light, color and space to create images that are not just visually striking, but emotionally stirring. There's a beautiful, artistic movement to these underwater photographs. Elena creates a fantasy land where dreams come true, where imaginations are set free and where beauty and darkness can intertwine to create something purely magical.

Portfolio: www.elenakalisphoto.com 

Catalina Bartolomé

Argentinian photographer, Catalina Bartolome , presents us with this lovely set of photos that features a series of woman who all similarly mask their faces with commonly found objects. Generally backed with a solid, empty background, Catalina forces your attention towards their bodies position, placement and language. I can’t help but feel a little intrusive when when looking at her work – almost as if I’m the cause of their hidden visage.

Check out more of Catalina’s work, here .

derecho a higiene


derecho a cansarse de cocinar

de frente

gata flora


callarse la boca



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Greg White

White was named the Association of Photographers' Photographer of the Year in March, winning awards across most of the categories, and the top spot for his black-and-white series of projector parts. His distinctive, ultra-clean style is showcased in an extensive portfolio of impressive automotive campaigns. Although fairly new to the industry, he has shot campaigns for Nike, Sony Bravia, Asda and O2.

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Rebecca Miller

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